Lifetime Achievement

The first ever NAPPP Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Dr. Nicholas Cummings and Dorothy Cummings at the NAPPP September CE Meetings held in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Cummings, the recipient of many awards for his long term advocacy for professional psychology, is well known to psychologists. Dorothy Cummings, Dr. Cummings wife and partner for 70 years also received a separate Lifetime Achievement Award for her support and advocacy for psychology and mental health. Dorothy Cummings, a social worker by training, has worked hand-in-hand with Nick, as his friends call him, both tirelessly and with great commitment to Nick's many causes. Without Dot's help, as her friends call her, the many contributions to psychology that the Cummings family has made over these many decades would be far less.

Too many times we see the spouses and partners of those getting awards never mentioned or acknowledged. It is clear to NAPPP, however, that many of these well-earned achievements could not occur without the help and support of spouses and partners. So, we congratulate both Nick and Dot for their contributions, tenacity, and commitment to our profession and thank them for their many years of support.

We are sad to announce that our friend and colleague, Dr. Nicholas Cummings, passed on June 5, 2020. He will be missed.