NAPPP Executive Board

The National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers Exectuive Board is the policy setting and administrative board of the organization. All NAPPP board members are not paid for their services as these are volunteer positions. Service to NAPPP is looked at as service to the profession. NAPPP directors want their unpaid service to be a model for other psychologists and associations who typically will utilize a high percentage of member funds for paid salaries. All member related services utilized by NAPPP are performed by independent contractors who have no policy say in the association. Presently, the Executive Director of NAPPP is Dr. John Caccavale.

    John Caccavale, Ph.D.,ABMP
   Dr. Caccavale is a California licensed clinical and neuropsychologist and the executive director of NAPPP. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychology. Dr. Caccavale is a long time advocate for the advancement of clinical and medical psychology and its inclusion into primary behavioral healthcare. Dr. Caccavale serves on a number of professional boards including the American Board of Medical Psychology, the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality and the American Board of Behavioral health Practice. He is the past Chair of the Behavioral Health Committee of Orange County Medical Reserve Corp. He has published numerous articles and book reviews on a wide array of subjects but, in recent years, has confined his writings to the current issues facing the profession. His latest book, Medical Psychology Practice and Policy Perspectives, was published in 2014. Dr. Caccavale is a strong advocate for doctoral level psychology practice and, although he is a trained psychopharmacologist, he advocates for psychotherapy as a first line treatment for behavioral disorders. Dr. Caccavale is the 2011 recipient of the Cummings Foundation PSYCHE Award. Its prestigious roster of 14 recipients, along with its $50,000 prize, render it the highest award in mental health.

    Nicholas Cummings, Ph.D, Sc.D.
   Dr. Cummings is a psychologist who has been predicting the course of psychology for the past 50 years, and has innovated steps to enhance the profession along the way. He has authored 47 books. In the 1950s he wrote the first comprehensive prepaid psychotherapy insurance benefit and through his medical cost offset research convinced third party payors to include psychotherapy as a covered benefit. His pioneering "intermittent, focused psychotherapy throughout the life cycle" is the way most psychologists practice today. He was active with the Dirty Dozen for 30 years, founded the professional school movement through the four campuses of the California School of Professional Psychology, created the nation's only psychology-driven national healthcare company which grew to 25 million covered lives and in which psychiatric/medical directors reported to psychologists, and a host of other innovations too numerous to mention. He served as President of the APA, has six honorary doctorates, and holds every honor the profession can bestow, including the Gold Medal. In predicting the necessity of professional psychology to become integrated into mainstream healthcare for its survival, in 2008 he founded the Doctor of Behavioral Health program at Arizona State University. For 44 years in spite of everything else he was doing, he maintained a psychotherapy practice of no less than 40 to 50 patients per week. At the present time he is President of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health, Distinguished Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.

    Levon Margolin, Ph.D.
   Dr. Margolin, a licensed psychologist trained in behavioral medicine, is the CEO and Chief Psychologist of ibemed, a professional psychological corporation. Dr. Margolin brings a fresh, contemporary presence to the NAPPP executive committee. The combination of his clinical expertise, business acumen, and creativity has led Dr. Margolin to develop a skill set assuring his success as a doctoral level practicing psychologist as we integrate into primary care. He is a great role model for recently licensed professional psychologists.

    Jerry Morris, Psy.D.,ABPP,ABMP
   Dr. Morris is a clinical psychologist who is also board certified in Medical Psychology, Family Psychology, School Psychology, Case Management, and holds the APA National College of Psychology Certification in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Abuse. He is the author of books and numerous scientific and professional papers in the area of psychology, management, and economics. Dr. Morris is the President and Clinical Director of CMHC, Inc. Nevada MO, a comprehensive community mental health center serving Western Missouri. He has developed and owned psychiatric hospitals and other healthcare facilities. He has served as graduate and undergraduate faculty in psychology, economics, and management. Dr. Morris is on the board of directors of the ABPP Couples and Family Board, the ABMP Medical Psychology Board, and he has served on APA Council, and Rural and Finance Committees, and was the Division 42 Hospital and Healthcare Facilities Committee Chair for 11 years. He is the current president of the Academy of medical Psychology. Dr. Morris was President of the Missouri Psychological Association and served on the board for 8 years. He owns and operates a healthcare management consulting business, Morris & Morris, Inc. and serves as a CMS facilities monitor and consultant to Government and private healthcare facilities.

    David Reinhardt, Ph.D., ABMP
   Dr. Reinhardt is the managing editor of NAPPP's newsletter, The Clinical Practitioner. He is Board certified in Medical Psychology and has degrees in business Administration as well as his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a post-doctoral Masters of Psychopharmacology from Alliant/CSCP. Dr. Reinhardt is a research scientist, with extensive research on nutrients in mental health and mental health symptoms in physical disorders. In addition to his NAPPP affiliations, he holds memberships in the International Society of Orthomollecular Medicine, the Orthomollecular Health-Medicine Society, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and the Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Reinhardt is founder and Director of the Mental Health and Wellness Center, a hospital and skilled nursing focused practice in Southern California, and the Center for Health Science, a behavioral healthcare center in Orange County, California

    Howard Rubin, Ph.D., ABMP
   Dr. Howard Rubin has been practicing clinical/medical psychology with sub specialties in pain management, sports psychology, and psychopharmacology since 1971. He is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management, has post-doctoral certification in psychopharmacology, and is a board certified medical psychologist. Dr. Rubin was appointed to the U.S. Olympic Team medical staff for the Los Angeles games in 1984. He also served on the medical staff of the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Dr. Rubin has published numerous research articles in professional psychology and medical journals, was a member of the first faculty at CSPP in Los Angeles, has made several presentations to professional organizations on such topics as Pain Management, Stress Management, Disaster Response, Child Abuse and Neglect, Hospital Practice, and Drugs, Alcohol, and World Class Athletes. He was the founder of Pain CareCenters of America, Inc., and a founding member of the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring. He has appeared on many local and national radio and television programs including the Today Show. Howard is the Chief Executive Officer of Museum Center Surgery Group, Inc., and Managing Member of National Stand Up Imaging, LLC.