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Gary McClure,

Associate Editor

Sharna Wood,

Associate Editor

Gary Traub,

Associate Editor

Levon Margolin,

Associate Editor

The Clinical Practitioner 2019

January 2020 Issue

  1. Healthcare Change Is in the Air Again
  2. Prescriptive Authority: Case study
  3. Time to end drug company distortion
  4. Science Notes and Commentary
  5. Science Notes- Drugs
  6. Science Notes- Alternative Approaches
  7. Health News
  8. CE questions
  9. Member Free CE Course List
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February 2020 Issue

  1. The Importance of Sharing
  2. Call For Presentations
  3. APA Is Having A Sale
  4. A Note To My Colleagues
  5. Science Notes and Commentary
  6. Science Notes- Drugs
  7. Science Notes- Alternative Approaches
  8. Health News
  9. Behavioral News
  10. CE questions
  11. Member Free CE Course List
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March 2020 Issue

  1. Biggest Lies Ever Told About Medcare For All
  2. Undiscovered Benefits of the Cannabinoids
  3. Save The Date
  4. Treatment Guidelines For Paranoid Personality Disorder
  5. Thoughts on psychiatry
  6. Science Notes and Commentary
  7. Science Notes- Drugs
  8. Science Notes- Alternative Approaches
  9. Health News
  10. Behavioral News
  11. CE questions
  12. Member Free CE Course List
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April 2020 Issue

  1. Post COVID-19 Practice and Healthcare
  2. AMP/NAPPP letter to state governors
  3. CARES Act aid provisions
  4. COVID-19 Treament Handboo, Zhejiang
  5. Medscape commentary on face masks
  6. TFDA Letter on diagnostic codes
  7. Recommendations on first time callers
  8. FDA News
  9. Science Notes- Drugs
  10. Behavioral News
  11. CE questions
  12. Member Free CE Course List
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