professional psychology

NAPPP Annual Meeting

SAVE THE DATE. September 23rd-25th, 2016 in San Antonio

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an association of professional psychologists dedicated to promoting quality psychological practice within an effective and caring mental health system
professional psychology

NAPPP Annual Meeting

SAVE THE DATE. September 23rd-25th, 2016 in San Antonio

NAPPP Welcomes

licensed, doctoral level psychologists who provide healthcare related services. Retired psychologists, and students also are eligible for membership.

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If you need to find a qualified psychologist in your area just SEARCH our free database.

Annual CE Meeting

THe NAPPP annual CE Meeting will be held on September 23rd-25th, 2016 in San Antonio. The meeting's theme is Applying Psychological Interventions. The link to Registration information is Registration.. The link to make your hotel reservation is Hotel Reservation.. The link to the program is Meeting Program..

NAPPP Condemns Tennessee Provider Bill

Tennessee bill to allow providers to refuse MH services to LGBT patients unacceptable. Read Why?

APA Doesn't Have The Ability To Change

Despite APA's commitment to change its policy with respect to torture, they are manipulating a return to their past unseeming behavior.

APA Torture Involvement Report Released

The independent report of APA's involvement in aiding torture is now avaliable. The full report can be accessed or downloaded. NAPPP Position and Hoffman Report Report

NAPPP Proposal to Reduce Gun Violence

NAPPP's proposal on how we think practitioners can be used to stem gun violence. See proposal

NAPPP members speak out about overprescribing in public awareness video

This is a video that you will want all of your patients to view. See the video

Dr. Wiggins addresses mental health at the VA

Dr. Jack Wiggins presents NAPPP's position on veteran's healthcare and solutions to providing more effective care. Read article

Parent's Guide To Mental Health Treatment

NAPPP releases handout for parent's seeking treatment for their children. Download Here

NAPPP and AMP get FDA to acknowledge psychotherapy

FDA admits that medication should not be a stand-alone treatment for mental disorders.Read it here

Call For Book Manuscripts

If you have an idea or a completed manuscript for a book, contact NAPPP for an evaluation of your work. Publishing a book can be a great practice builder. Contact Us

NAPPP model RxP (prescribing psychologist) legislation

NAPPP issues a model legislation for states to provide prescriptive authority to psychologists. Read legislation

Dr. Cummings: The steady decline of psychotherapy must end

A golden opportunity is also our last chance as psychologists Read paper

Changing mental health care through reimbursement policy

NAPPP has provided legislators and policymakers a blueprint for change that controls costs and increases patient care. Read paper

NAPPP white paper against using psychotropic medications as first line treatment for behavioral disorders

NAPPP confronts current medical practice in this 117 page document. Read paper
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